10 Sexy Rock Music Videos That Will Freshen Your Mind

by asianoiseFebruary 23, 2013

“Sexy” in a music video has become an “element” that makes the video sells. So, there are many musicians include the sexy elements in their music videos, whether it seductive, sensual, racy, risque or just straight-up sexy. This time we will show you some of the best of them. Check it out! You know you want to.

1. Fiona Apple, ‘Criminal’


“This world is bulls—, and you shouldn’t model your life on what we think is cool, and what we’re wearing and what we’re saying,” Fiona Apple famously railed after winning the 1997 MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist, thanks to her debut album ‘Tidal’ and its string of heavy-rotation videos.

Perhaps the most memorable of those was ‘Criminal,’ which certainly wasn’t based around what Apple was wearing. She was wearing next to nothing in the clip, which featured the emaciated singer writhing around in her underwear, doing little more than singing and flashing flesh. Not surprisingly, it was a huge hit.

2. White Stripes, ‘I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself’


It wasn’t all that exciting in the traditional sense, but the video for the White Stripes‘ cover of the Burt Bacharach-penned tune ‘I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself’ certainly was titillating. The Sofia Coppola-directed clip for the single, a highlight of the band’s Grammy-winning ‘Elephant’ album, features black-and-white footage of waifish British supermodel Kate Moss pole dancing — and little else.

Moss is famous for a whole slew of things — being the poster girl of the whole “heroin chic” trend in the ’90s, dating Johnny Depp, losing all her endorsements after allegedly being filmed doing coke and then making a major comeback — but we like her best in this video, which keeps things simple. Simple and sexy.

3. Rilo Kiley, ‘Moneymaker’


Rilo Kiley’s ‘Moneymaker’ rocks out like a loose-limbed, lo-fidelity and plenty funky indie rock porn jam, and the accompanying video is appropriately full of adult-film stars. In fact, the clip features snippets of interviews with some real (we think) men and woman who appear in porno videos. It’s not the world’s oldest profession, but it does make the World Wide Web go ’round, so that should mean something.

‘Moneymaker’ opens with one guy looking back on his career of 250-plus XXX movies: “I want to go back to my guidance counselor in high school,” he says, “and be like, ‘listen, I’ve got a question for ya. You never told me about the porn-star role. That was the one!’”

4. Billy Idol, ‘Cradle of Love’


Leave it to Billy Idol, of all rock idols, to make hands down one of the sexiest videos of the ’80s, the decade that basically introduced music videos and MTV (which did, believe it or not, used to play videos all the time) to mainstream America.

Actually, ‘Charmed Life,’ the album that spawned the ‘Cradle of Love’ single, came out in the spring of 1990, but that’s splitting hairs. Idol was a wild child of the ’80s, and ‘Cradle’ — directed by the David Fincher, who would make his name with ‘The Game,’ ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Zodiac,’ among other blockbusters — captures the decadence of the decade in a way that only a rebel yell-er like he can.

5. Garbage, ‘Sex Is Not the Enemy’


There’s not much to Garbage‘s ‘Sex Is Not the Enemy’ video beyond dolled-up singer Shirley Manson in full-on Scottish siren mode, but that’s plenty sexy for most fans of the band — and most any dude with a pulse. After two minutes of the fiery redhead preening, puckering and mugging for the camera — and beating on some cops trying to arrest her — the clip finally cuts to some footage of Garbage performing live.

Manson proceeds to flash the audience and gets hauled off by the cops yet again, this time for indecent exposure. (Sorry guys — it’s blurred out.) Maybe we’re going full circle back to the Fiona Apple ‘Criminal’ thing, but bad girls sure are sexy, right?

6. Marilyn Manson, ‘mOBSCENE’

marylin manson

Marilyn Manson has arguably the greatest videography of any modern rock musician. Along with chilling and controversial imagery, sex has always been a constant theme throughout Manson’s videos. Along with clips for ‘Heart Shaped Glasses,’ ‘Tainted Love’ and the x-rated ‘(s)aint,’ Manson’s video for ‘mOBSCENE’ showcases creatively carnal scenes. Among burlesque and military ‘Rockette’ dancing, ‘mOBSCENE’ features modern pin-up girl and Manson’s former wife Dita Von Teese for a pants-tightening exhibition in a giant martini glass.

7. Avenged Sevenfold, ‘Beast and the Harlot’


Avenged Sevenfold know exactly how to make their way into our hearts … hot chicks in their ‘Beast and the Harlot’ music video! There are not many “beasts” in this video, but there are plenty of hot stripper harlots to keep your eyes pasted onto your computer screen. The scantily clad ladies in this clip, two of whom are making out while pole dancing, become possessed by the band, but we failed to notice until having drooled a mug’s worth of saliva.

8. Papa Roach, ‘…To Be Loved’


Starting at literally zero-seconds in, Papa Roach‘s video for ‘…To Be Loved’ is full of wonderful, wonderful T&A. Throughout the entire clip, viewers are treated to burlesque aerialists on swings flying above the band, girls crawling on their hand and knees while attached to pimpin’ chains and sexy fire-breathers. The eye candy is scattered all over the place throughout ‘…To Be Loved,’ and we give thanks to the band for giving us an incredibly re-watchable video.

9. Lit, ‘Miserable’


Cheers to Lit for making one of the best decisions of their career by reserving a spot on Pamela Anderson’s hind-quarters. Although the rock band performing all over Pam’s bikini-clad body is obviously computer generated, millions of MTV viewers still couldn’t help but feel jealous of Lit and their video for ‘Miserable.’ Still the sexiest woman on the planet in 2000, Pam Anderson proved to be the world’s greatest stage for Lit to perform on, although the video ends with the band members being devoured by the giant sex symbol. When the band requested to finish inside of Pam, this probably wasn’t what they had in mind.

10. My Darkest Days, ‘Casual Sex’

my darkest days

This ‘Casual Sex’ video from My Darkest Days must have been an excuse for the band members to get busy with some hot, topless chicks, but in all honesty, nobody in their right mind can blame them for it. The explicit version of this video is basically softcore porn, featuring legions of chesticles, bondage scenes, girl-on-girl make-out sessions, strip poker, three-ways and even Ron Jeremy with a sheep! This video is all about sex, so unless you want to be labeled as the office creep, wait until you get some privacy before watching this one.

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