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Love Garage 2013 – End of 13 Years Waiting for Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

Love Garage 2013 – End of 13 Years Waiting for Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

by asianoiseFebruary 5, 2013


Love Garage 2013, this event is succeeded to bring excitement in the EX parking area, on Friday. This annual event organized by Ismaya Live with Future 10 bring up special line-up, like previous events.



Not only international bands perform at this event, local bands such as Polka Wars as the band that won an open audition for this show also helped to enliven the Love Garage 2013 stage, though they little bit bumbling that night. But they still give maximal performance to their fans when playing “Sanctuary”, “Piano Song” and “Caroline”.




With pajamas, stockings, and a brightly colored wig, BRNDLS out from behind the stage and began acting by playing songs from the album DGNR8. Collaboration between Homogenic, Rock N Roll Mafia and Agrikulture also enliven the local line-up that night, and they also managed to raise the crowd tensions through their stage act.


But, Ra Ra Riot and Yeah Yeah Yeahs actions are the main highlights of the event. Not so long after the appearance of Homogenic, Rock N Roll Mafia and Agrikulture. Ra Ra Riot, the baroque pop band from New York was ready on stage to make the audience prancing. But unfortunately they seem in a hurry and don’t communicate a lot with the audience. Wes Miles (vocals), Mathie Santos (Bass), Milo Bonnaci (guitar), Rebecca Zeller (violin), Kenny Bernard (drums), and a cellist as an additional player plays a diverse setlist. Starting from the album “The Rhumb” to their latest album “Beta Love.” This is the first time Ra Ra Riot perform on the same stage with Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


Finally, Nick Zinner came out to greet the audience by saying “Selamat Malam Jakarta”, followed by the YYY’s other personnel. As the main star, Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform a remarkable show that night. Seems that they want to satisfy the fans who have waited for 13 years to watch their performances. Yeah Yeah Yeahs shows an energetic and wild stage act

Karen O, Brian Chase and Nick Zinner performed several songs from the fourth album. Plus a new single entitled “Mosquito”, that song is successful in getting the audience to sing along while prancing happily. When the song “Zero” is sung, suddenly two giant ball bearing the image of the eye came out and then thrown into the audience which made the concert felt super festive. Eventually their appearance ended with “Maps” and “Date With The Night” which became an encore of their performance. At the end of their appearance, Karen O thank the audience by saying “Thanks for waiting YYY’s for thirteen years!” while pointing to the Nick Zinner guitar that written the words “I Love Indonesia”. Then she waved her typical cheerful smile and left the stage.

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