The 5th International Kampoeng Jazz

by sheilarizkiaMarch 26, 2013

kampoeng jazz

Kampoeng Jazz, the annual Jazz event held by University of Padjajaran in the parking ground on March 23rd 2013 ran in high spirits. The event, organized by law students of UNPAD was sponsored by Mandiri Bank, and supported by the influential media partners in Bandung. Kampoeng jazz was first held in 2008, and has since been held annually. Kampoeng Jazz in 2011 broke their record by attracting 8000 audiences. The event invited Bandung’s very own local musicians with the Tesla Manaf featuring Mahogatra Ganesha, then enlivened also by Yovie Widianto Fusion, Syaharani and the Queen fireworks, Tahiti 80, and a singer from Philippines, Sabrina.

The Kampoeng Jazz committee held series of pre-events before their main event. These events were also proven as a success to gain public awareness. The pre-events were enlivened by Halfwhole Project, David Manuhutu Project featuring Sandy Winarta, Accoustic Funk, and Anugrah Aditya.

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This year, the fifth International Kampoeng Jazz conveyed the theme ‘JAZZTORICAL: Jazz You Back to History’, suggesting that the young Indonesian jazz enthusiasts should be able to hold their heads up high as Indonesia is blessed with many legendary jazz musicians such as Jack Lesmana, Bubby Chen, Ermy Kulit, and Yopie Item, who managed to take Indonesia’s jazz to a whole new level all the way to the international stage even though their names are unheard of in the ear of the youngsters. It is inclined that the jazz icons like Tompie, Andien and their fellows can assist the youngsters through the history of jazz.

The event brought along Chaseiro, Fariz RM Anthology featuring Indra Lesmana, Andien, Tetsuo Sakurai, Sondre Lerche, Trio Lestari, and few other bands that originates from Bandung.

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Other than the striking performances of the local musicians like Andien and Fariz RM featuring Indra Lesmana, Tetsuo Sakurai, a bassist that originates from Japan managed to steal the crowd’s attention. Tetsuo Sakurai is a bassist, composer, producer, and a music instructor. This Tokyo-born musician has so far released 4 solo albums. Right after Tetsuo Sakurai, Sondre Lerche, a Norwegian singer came right up to assume the stage and satisfy the crowds’ demands. Sondre sang a series of songs such as Two Way Monologue, Heartbeat Radio, Almighty Moon, Domino, Hell No, Sleep in Needles, I Guess Today is Gonna Rain, My Hands are Shaking and others. After the encore, Sondre bid the crowd in Bandung goodbye. The event ended in festal array. Trio Lestari, which consists of Tompi, Glenn Fredly, and Sandy Sandoro, was greeted with such enthusiasm from the fans. A string of Tompi’s upbeat songs, Glenn Fredly’s melancholy, and Sandy Sandoro’s beautiful rhythms rang through the venue one after another, successfully putting an end to the fifth Kampoeng Jazz International.

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