Motion City Soundtrack Will Be Holding Their First Tour in Indonesia in Heaven Rawk Tour 2013

by asianoiseJanuary 31, 2013

Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack finally come to Indonesia in March 2013. This tour will be their first one in Indonesia, they also confirmed that they going to have couple of shows in this tour. Bandung and Jogjakarta will be their destination on their Asia-Australia journey. Their tour in Indonesia is part of the Heaven Rawk Tour 2013.

Right after they released the fifth studio-album ‘GO’ in 2012, this will be their first experience in Indonesia, which located their most biggest fan base in South-east Asia. Motion City Soundtrack has embarked on tours frequently from the start. Being a small-time band from Minneapolis,they featured in tours alongside other local acts such as AMP 176.As they grew a larger fan base they began playing shows with other bands in a similar progression towards success. They played basement shows with Fall Out Boy and The All-American Reject before they all found their commercial success, with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz opening some small punk club shows for them. Since then Motion City Soundtrack has said that their level of success was due to the constant touring they have always done; it has gained them recognition as one of the hardest working bands in the genre of pop punk.

Motion City Soundtrack’s Heaven Rawk Tour Indonesia 2013 will be taken place in Bandung, West Java on March 6th and Jogyakarta on March 7th.Complete announcement about venues, ticket sales due on Jan 31st, 2013.For further detail please contact Heaven Records www.heavenrecs.com , or call +62222038724.If you located outside Indonesia, send your inquiry to email: [email protected]

Heaven Rawk Tour is a touring event program that organized by Heaven Records, an Entertainment Company based in Bandung, Indonesia. Initiated since 2008 and in 2012 it started to promote tour for international acts such like Secondhand Serenade, MxPx, We Start Partys .


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