Ikkubaru: A Taste of Japan’s Citypop in Their Music

by asianoiseJanuary 30, 2013


The name of Ikkubaru itself was founded by an ideas of converting “Iqbal” into Japanese Katakana, because Ikkubaru has a biggest influence in a 80’s Japanese pop or many people in Japan called it “CITY POP”. ikkubaru was founded nearly October 2011, begin with a guitar player Muhammad Iqbal is suddenly have to learn keyboard because the frontman of Ikkubaru itself (Iqbal) want to find a keyboard player, but Iqbal himself trying to learn piano instead of searching someone to play keyboard. Then a single of Ikkubaru is created by learning piano in about 3 month. Then Iqbal asking Rizki that was formely a Rock guitaris to creating a band based of a 80’s city pop genre like Tatsuro Yamashita, Toshiki Kadomatsu, Mariya Takeuchi and many others, and then Iqbal ask Fauzi and Banon to play Bass and Drum. After the band was formed in october, they began to rehearsaling a song that almost-all-created by iqbal. Until then they ready to taking a shift to “Heart House” Recording, the first song ever recorded from ikkubaru on December 24th 2011

Ikkubaru are:

M Iqbal: Vocal, Keyboard & Guitar

Rizki F: Vocal & Guitar

MM Hadi: Guitar

Suci N: Vocal

Fauzi R: Bass

Banon G: Drum

Recently, we met with the band and ask a few questions about their activities in music. Check out our interview below!

Your music is called citypop, it’s not sound familiar for some people. What exactly is it?

City Pop was first performed by Japanese musicians like, Tatsuro Yamashita, Kadomatsu Toshiki and Mariya Takeuchi. The main influence is pop but there is a touch of jazz and funk in it.

It means that the biggest influence in your music are japanese musicians, right?

Yes, especially Tatsuro Yamashita

Are you planning to work with Japanese musicians?

Actually we are working with a DJ from Japan named tofubeat, we’re working on a project with him.

Can you tell me how you guys can work with him?

He liked our first song that we uploaded on SoundCloud entitled “Heart House”, and later our song played in some music playlist in Japan and received a positive response from the audience in Japan. Then we talk with him via twitter and he ask us to work with him in an a project.

It means that your music already known to many people in Japan, right? How’s the feedback from them?

It’s good, although it’s still only played on some community. But so far the response is quite positive.

Which of your song that most liked in Japan?

Angin Malam, we don’t know why that song was the most liked there, though the lyrics itself using Indonesian.

Indie music event in Indonesia itself is quite a lot, ever invited to perform on some of that event?

Not too much, last event is Kickfest 2012. We actually do not think that we are going to be invited to perform in that event. We just sent our demo to them and then they invited us to play there.



Your band is actually a new one. How do you promote your band beside via Soundcloud?

Yes, it’s true. Right now we are producing the EP and will be distributed soon. We are still finishing some details and the artwork for the album cover. Hopefully, the EP will be completed earlier next month. Actually, we have been thingking of of making the EP in November-Desember, but there are still some problems, so we doing it in this January.

How’s the tren of citypop itself for the Indonesian people. Although there are elements of pop in it, but it still less familiar for Indonesian people in general.

We’ve got our own formula for that. Although the musical style is citypop, but our lyrics is adapted to the trends in Indonesia, which is about Love and some other that related to that.

How’s the response from Indonesian people to your music?

It actually pretty good, although is not as big as the response we got from the audience in Japan. We saw a lot of tweets on twitter about our songs. Well, most of that tweets is from the internet radio. From there we know that Indonesian listeners are also enjoy our music.

I like “Feeling You”. The music is danceable. Is all your songs going to be like that?

Actually, is not like that. Each of our song was certainly different, but there is still an element of funk in it so that our songs mostly groovy.

If we look back at the music trends in 2010-2012, the music that being trendy is mostly dance music. Well, are you are interested to follow the flow or stick in citypop?

We still idealist. Despite of that facts, all types of music has its own market, so we don’t afraid of that.

Well, in the year 2013 itself, what music is going to be trend?

We think post-rock is going to be trend this year.

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