10 Shocking Facts About Weezer That Will Blow Your Mind

by asianoiseJanuary 3, 2013


Only a few more days would Weezer concert in Jakarta, and the concert will be very rousing because it’s their first show in Jakarta. We bet you can’t wait to see their performances. Well, before that time comes, let us get to know them more deeply. We found some interesting information about this band, this information comes from svanapaper. They will guide you to know the fun facts about Weezer that you might not know before! So, let us take a look at those fun facts.

1.According to Rivers Cuomo’s brother, Leaves, Rivers Cuomo almost named “Apple” because he was born in New York City. But talking about Rivers Cuomo, his mother said that that name was inspired by the sound of river that she heard outside the hospital.

2.Weezer were formed on Valentine’s Day in 1992. But on that time Weezer had not decided any name for the band.

3.If Patrick Wilson didn’t get music as his career, he assumed that he would be a racer.

4.The video of one of their best hits “Buddy Holly” used the set of “Happy Days” and the video was also one of the most popular videos in 1995.

5.Song ”Mykel and Carli” is Weezer’s dedication to the biggest fans (and the founding members of Weezer Fan Club) of Weezer in the early years of their career. Mykel and Carli Allan were sisters who died in a car accident. Mikel and Carly were considered as the biggest fans of the band seen by their membership number which are 0001 and 0002.


6.Scott Shriner was Weezer’s back-up bassist, but later when Mikey Welsh (Weezer’s former bassist) decided to leave the band for his emotional reason, Scott became their full-time bassist. Scott has been with Weezer for about 11 eleven years and that makes him as the longest running bassist in Weezer.

7.Weezer was Rivers Cuomo’s childhood nickname which was given by his Father because the young Rivers Cuomo kept making a wheezing sound due to his asthma.

8.The first person who offered Brian Bell to join Weezer was Matt Sharp (the former member of Weezer), he called Brian but then Rivers Cuomo took the phone from Matt and directly said “Do You wanna join our band?” because Matt kept beating around the bush.

9.Weezer logo ” =w= “ is a tribute modeled on Van Halen Designs. That’s why you will spot some similarities on both of the logos.


10.Weezer have only visited one country in South-East Asia, Thailand. They visited Thailand in 1997. And that record will be smashed by Indonesia, because Indonesia will be the second country in South-East Asia that holds a concert for Weezer. Plus, to make it better, Indonesia will be Weezer’s only destination in South-East Asia in 2013 (by far) !

What a crazy facts, right? Some of you might be shocking after reading those facts above. Well, we too! Now, you know more about them. But, it will not be complete if you don’t watch therir live performance in Jakarta. Remember, the concert will be held on January 8th 2013 at Lapangan D, Senayan. Be there guys!

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Photos by: svanapaper.com, watoday.com.au

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